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of shelf-life

Fresh Cheese

of shelf-life

Fresh pork

of shelf-life

Other foods:

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We are always open to working on new applications for other types of foods.
Today we have extended shelf-life with animal-based foods like fresh cheese, ham and pork,
So, if you want to try it on other foods, tell us briefly what they are and what additional shelf-life goal you would like to achieve


Improve your bottom line by making your supply chain more efficient.

Increase your income by increasing repeat purchases.

Reduce consumer´s complains by maintaining a good organoleptic profile for longer.

Achieve a more sustainable production by reducing waste.

Natural technology based on copper.

We add our copper microparticle℗ to a virgin resin.
This mixture is incorporated in the extrusion process of your plastic packaging.
Then the copper reduces the microorganisms that decomposes the food.

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Strategic Partner:

To deliver a packaging that fits your production, we partner with Amcor-Bemis, the largest producer of food packaging in the world.

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