Longer shelf-life,
Fewer customer complaints,
Fewer product returns

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+30 days
of shelf-life


+30 days
of shelf-life

Fresh Pork

+29 days
of shelf-life


+30 days
of shelf-life

Fresh Chicken

+11 days
of shelf-life

Fresh Cheese

+5 days
of shelf-life

Other Foods

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Our company is characterized by its strong commitment to R&D, which is why we are always willing to work on solutions for other foods. If you want to try our biotechnology, tell us briefly in which food and what is your shelf-life objective

Our Benefits

Improve your bottom line by reducing stock losses and product returns .

Natural biotechnology applicable to all types of packaging .

Reduce claims by maintaining a good organoleptic profile for longer .

Biotechnology Copperprote® covers the risk of loss of quality due to breaks in the cold chain .

Natural biotechnology based on the trace element copper

We create a unique copper microparticle in the world,
which when incorporated into your packaging will naturally eliminate the microorganisms present,
extending the shelf-life of the food.

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